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Dominic grew up on Saturday morning cartoons. He loves his fare of Transformers, He-man, EXO Squad and Ghostbusters. To keep that impression of a cartoon locked in, he started to draw them on a piece of paper.

And as time went by, he grew to become an avid drawer and currently works with his clients to crystallise their thoughts, ideas or concepts into a key visual to aid in their communication.

He has worked on brands like Jaguar, SIA and Shell to visualize brand activation ideas.

His experience also enabled him to work with global innovation managers for clients like Fonterra and GSK in the visualizing of new product concepts. Nationally he has also contributed to SG50's "The Future of Us" through the storyboarding of the "Theatre of Dreams" segment and raised health awareness during the festive season through creating visuals for the 2016 Health Promotion Board's Chinese New Year animation.

Dominic is also available for community based illustrative projects to contribute back to society as a designer.